"Redmi Note 4X" at the end of 9102

Updated on 2021/02/08: This article lost its images during the migration process.

Originally, I didn't buy this thing to use it, just to play around with flashing ROMs and replace the "Redmi 2 Enhanced Edition" backup phone that was already lagging badly.

After browsing through Xianyu, I finally got it for 300 yuan, and the condition is pretty good. The previous owner didn't unlock the bootloader for flashing ROMs, so after a series of unlocking and flashing operations, I flashed it with Pixel Experience based on Android 10.

After entering the system, I unexpectedly found that the operation was quite smooth. Even the animation effects are smoother than Sony's "835 + poorly optimized system". (Android 10 animations are really well done)

The combination of the 625 processor and the 4000mAh battery brings excellent battery life, and using Coolapk for a day is completely problem-free.

I also found a function called "Mi Sound", which, when turned on, mutes the system sound, and it returns to normal after a restart, I don't know why.

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