Hello xLog

My Blogging Journey#

  • Before 2019: WordPress, Typecho, etc., because at that time it was just for fun, and the virtual host I used often crashed and disappeared, leaving basically nothing in the end.
  • 2019: Starting from scratch, bought a VPS and built it using the popular Ghost platform at the time.
  • 2020: Due to the poor compatibility of the Ghost editor with Chinese input methods on macOS, switched to Hexo and hosted it on my own VPS.
  • 2021: During this year, the VPS migrated several times, and eventually gave up self-management. At that time, Go was very popular, so I switched to Hugo and hosted it on S3, with the domain name connected to Cloudfront for external service.
  • 2023: Due to busy work and too many daily chores, I didn't have much time to open the editor and write, basically stopping updates.

First Encounter#

I can say that I am a heavy user of RSS, always using DIYgod's RSSHub. About a year ago, I saw the article about the first open-source blockchain-based blog system xLog. Due to my inherent impression of blockchain at the time, I decisively closed the page.


Seeing xLog again was this year, more than a year later, it has formed a complete creator community.

Coincidentally, I recently planned to find a stable blog hosting platform (too many OneMan hosting services have fallen in recent years, xLog's decentralized model can effectively avoid this), so I spent some time opening a wallet, registering an account, and getting started!

xLog provides Markdown import capability, which is quite friendly to former Hexo/Hugo users, but there are indeed two minor issues:

  • Unable to import in batches, but for lazy late-stage cancer patients like me who haven't written many articles in a year, it's not a big problem.
  • The imported articles will occupy the homepage of xLog.app, which is a bit awkward.


The entire migration process did not take up too much of my time, overall it was quite smooth. Currently, the blog's domain core.moe has been resolved to xLog.

Ownership of this post data is guaranteed by blockchain and smart contracts to the creator alone.