"CatDrive - The Cat Disk"

Updated on 2021/02/08: This article lost images during the migration process.

In order to write my thesis happily, I recently replaced the software router with Windows 10, and the mechanical hard drive used as NAS storage was temporarily put aside.

One day, while browsing Taobao, I happened to see this CatDrive, although the price was not as cheap as before, it was still affordable, so I bought it.


Since I didn't have a TTL adapter on hand (actually, I was too lazy to tinker with it), this time I directly found a seller on Taobao to help flash the Black Synology for me. After receiving it, I installed my hard drive and turned it on.

This hard drive was previously used with a virtual machine running Black Synology. I thought it could be used directly, but today I found out that it needed to be reset. Fortunately, there wasn't any important data on the hard drive, so I reset it directly.


The setup process is the same as usual DSM, just click next all the way. Finally, you need to manually synchronize the time when entering the system, and once the time is correct, you can install software and even QuickConnect.


There is a light on the top cover of the CatDrive, but DSM does not have the default code to control it.

To achieve this additional 30% performance, add the following code to the startup scheduled task.

i2cset -y -f 0 0x45 0x00 0x55
i2cset -y -f 0 0x45 0x01 0x01
i2cset -y -f 0 0x45 0x30 0x07
i2cset -y -f 0 0x45 0x31 0x72
i2cset -y -f 0 0x45 0x32 0x72
i2cset -y -f 0 0x45 0x33 0x72
i2cset -y -f 0 0x45 0x37 0x44
i2cset -y -f 0 0x45 0x3a 0x55
i2cset -y -f 0 0x45 0x3d 0x66
i2cset -y -f 0 0x45 0x38 0x44
i2cset -y -f 0 0x45 0x3b 0x55
i2cset -y -f 0 0x45 0x3e 0x66
i2cset -y -f 0 0x45 0x39 0x40
i2cset -y -f 0 0x45 0x3c 0x40
i2cset -y -f 0 0x45 0x3f 0x40
i2cset -y -f 0 0x45 0x34 255
i2cset -y -f 0 0x45 0x35 255
i2cset -y -f 0 0x45 0x36 255
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