Enable ECG electrocardiogram function on Chinese Apple Watch

As we all know, starting from the fourth generation, Apple Watch supports electrocardiogram (ECG) functionality in some regions. However, the locked versions actually have the hardware intact, and you just need a little trick to enable the ECG feature.

Solution A#

This method has not been tested!

Let's start with a simple method, so simple that it makes you doubt life.

You just need to take a trip to Shenzhen, find any port, connect to a Hong Kong carrier's roaming service, and you can activate the ECG feature.

Solution B#

This method requires iOS 13.4+, watchOS 6.2+
Tested with iPhone XR (iOS 14) + Apple Watch Series 6 (watchOS 7)

Considering the cost of Solution A is a bit high, and it's a bit difficult if you're not in Shenzhen. Here's a more complex but much lower-cost method.

  1. You need to connect to a stable Wi-Fi network.
  2. Open the versatile Taobao app, purchase an Apple ID that has ECG functionality enabled.
  3. Sign out of your Apple ID on your iPhone.
  4. Log in with the newly purchased Apple ID. If asked about Apple ID security, choose "Other Options" - "Do Not Upgrade" and do not merge data.
  5. Enable iCloud Health synchronization and disable all other sync options except for "Health."
  6. Open the "Health" app and check if the ECG feature is enabled. It should be turned on under normal circumstances.
  7. Sign out of the newly purchased Apple ID and log back in with your own Apple ID.
  8. Open the "Health" app and check if the ECG feature is enabled. If not, repeat the process.

As for the "ECG" app on the watch, it should appear automatically after a while. If you can't wait or it doesn't appear, simply reset the watch.

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