"Sony Walkman NW-ZX300A"

Updated on 2021/02/08: This article lost images during the migration process.

A few years ago, I was once tempted by the Sony Walkman entry-level A series, but the high price was just too much, so I ended up getting this ZX300A. The ZX300A model is a special edition for the mainland, with reduced storage space, but relatively cheaper.

Listening with a single earphone is okay, better than most phones, but still feels lacking, and it's hard to compete with phones that focus on Hi-Fi. I have to say I was a bit disappointed until I switched to a balanced cable.

Obviously, Sony didn't tune the single-ended port properly. After switching to balanced, the soundstage feels much larger, giving a refreshing feeling.

To be on the safe side, necessary protective cases and tempered glass films are still a must. There is a protective case on a certain popular e-commerce platform that looks very powerful, like this:

The case comes with a frosted film and four small gold labels, very cost-effective. Once put on, it instantly becomes larger and heavier. (Fitness equipment OωO)

During use, I also encountered a small issue where I couldn't adjust the volume when connecting AirPods. Later, I found the solution on the Sony official website: knowledge.support.sony.jp/electronics/support/articles/SH000157799

(It's still more convenient to use Sony's own headphones, just plug and play →_→)

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