Today is the last day of 2019, so let's summarize a bit.

What I've Done#

It seems that besides working on course projects with classmates, I haven't written much code this year. I had to temporarily abandon a project I was maintaining due to lack of time, which is a bit regrettable.

I got the last piece of Apple's ecosystem: iPhone XR, ending the constant switching between various Android manufacturers, hardly rooting, and starting to settle down. (Of course, I still kept a spare phone for rooting)

I got the OST of "さくら、もゆ。" and couldn't stop myself from buying a bunch of CDs one after another.

I got a ZX300A after the ZX500 series came out, but I don't have good headphones on hand. (No money)

One day, I coincidentally found out that a domain name was available for registration, so I changed the domain name of my blog.

I got a Krypt iON promotional model during the Double Eleven event, so I moved my blog to the United States and activated Cloudflare for the entire site.

I bought a Lenovo D525 mini host for only 140, to use as a NAS. (However, the 4TB hard drive cost over 600)

One day, I accidentally came across a video on YouTube, started working on OpenWrt, and fell into the trap of software routing. The hardware router was successfully turned into a wireless AP.

What I Still Want to Do#

Write more code and do some practice problems when I have time.

Write a few articles to publish and prevent my blog from gathering dust.

Hope to have time to play more GalGames.

Find an internship first, and then find a satisfactory job.


Happy New Year!

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