Hello 2022

It's that time of year again for summarizing.

(Used last year's header image for laziness)

Last Year's Goals#

Before summarizing, let's see how many of last year's goals were achieved.

  • Try to overcome procrastination: Improved, but not completely resolved
  • Do well in work: Completed
  • Go out for a walk on weekends: Hardly did
  • Watch fewer anime, play fewer games: Completed
  • Write more code, do something interesting: Partially completed?

Hmm, completion rate is a bit low.

What I Did in 2021#

  • Worked hard
  • Interviews, job change
  • Bought an Xbox, but mostly used it for driving games

New Year, New Goals#

  • Settle in a new city, work hard
  • Write some blog posts in free time
  • Summarize knowledge system
  • Do something interesting
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